Wedding registries? Please share all thoughts and opinions here :)

C & I are in a holding pattern in terms of doing any firm wedding planning because we don’t have the final portion of his training scheduled by the Air Force yet, so we can’t pick a date because we have no guarantees he would be available for it (he’s not eligible for leave during this training) and the military could not care less than I’m over here trying to plan things and would like stability. So I’ve been focusing on things that don’t require a date- like potential Save The Date styles and like and creating a wedding registry! I’ll be honest, I don’t have much experience with them- I haven’t been to a wedding in years so I don’t even know how other people feel about wedding registries. How many things do you place on it? As a wedding guest, what’s your favorite thing to buy off of a registry? What are things that you didn’t have on your registry and wish you had included it? Your favorite thing you received? I would love to know everyone’s experience and opinions :slightly_smiling_face:

As a wedding guest, I love to help build the home - anything needed to make lives easier while the couple settles into their married life, like kitchenware, specialty kitchenware (coffee machine, cheese plate, etc). I think that it’s fair to just put what you’re hoping to get on a registry, nothing is off limits IMO, because you never know what your guests are thinking - registries make it easy for guests to buy a gift. You could also put “honeymoon fund” or “X fund” as an option, equivalent to like a gift card but for the gift giver at least it will “go towards something.”

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Hi! Wedding officiant here! If you are planning more than 3-6 months out, you’re going to want to stay on top of your registry. Products get discontinued ALL the time, making that amazing silverware pattern suddenly impossible to get. Also, try to select items in a variety of price ranges ($25 and under, $25-$50, etc.). Add gift cards to the store you are registered at to your registry. It makes it easy for people to show they care, and you can complete your registry (buy things that did not get purchased by guests) after the wedding. Check to see if your store offers manufacturer’s incentives for your registry, for example a free gift if $500 of their merchandise is purchased off your registry.

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I forgot to say, welcome to the MilSpouse family!

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@hpersellin so I am doing my wedding website through the knot, which will let me link all of my wedding registries in one place so people can see it all in one spot even though so far I’ve created a registry on Amazon, Bloomingdale’s (honestly just because I really want a 4 wick Nest candle and so I added slme bougie candles from Bloomingdale’s :laughing: no idea if anyone will buy them but that’s okay that’s part of the fun), Williams & Sonoma, and bed bath and beyond (and added towels from Frontgate because they make my favorite towels). Good point about keeping an eye on stuff going out of stock- I’m not worried about the vitamix or cuisinart food processor (two of my top picks- especially with the juicing attachment for the cuisinart!) going out of stock as those are timeless kitchen pieces, but definitely for the plates and silverware. I like the plates I picked and I just did silverware with a price that didn’t make me wince, but I haven’t added nice place mats or napkins… we won’t be in a position to really “host” guests or dinner parties for a while but I do love to cook for others. I wouldn’t even know what to pick out though- if anyone has any suggestions feel free to drop links!

HOWEVER Williams & Sonoma taught me that yes some brands will give me presents if people buy me $X of their products from my registry, but some brands will send me a present just for REGISTERING for their stuff. Le Creuset is going to send me a 6" White Enameled Cast-Iron Heart Skillet for registering for $500 of their stuff (which was too easy considering the price of a Dutch oven- I won’t be sad if no one buys the Dutch oven, but I would actually like those little tiny stoneware ramekin things for like baking French onion soup or personalized pot pies in), Cuisinart will sent a popcorn maker for registering for $150 in their brand products (easy; see food processor and juicing attachment), and Boos Block will send their wood cutting board oil if you register for a board worth $100 or more. I’ve already sent in the forms for those three with proof I’ve registered for the required items- I literally get a free le creuset pan just because I registered for some stuff!! They’ve already reached out to me- it’s on back order and they don’t think they’ll get their next shipment until October. Okay, cool, I don’t mind waiting for my FREE LE CREUSET.

If people actually BUY the $500 Le Creuset products I’ll qualify for a free crepe pan and Cuisinart will send a free mixing bowl set if people buy $400 of their stuff. If any future brides are reading this list, here’s the Williams Sonoma link to more offers from different brands.

These are the glasses I added :sweat_smile:

I don’t know that C loves them but I don’t know really what direction to replace them with. He says he’s “indifferent” and I would like to nudge that to a “likes” them. I don’t want like fancy crystal or glasses that will cause me anxiety if one or two break but I want them to be a little nicer than the cheapest ones you get from Walmart that are glass but kinda feel like plastic. Where that leaves me I don’t know- I welcome advice

They had stopped the gift with registry for a few years, glad to hear it is back!