Welcome to the Green Chef Co/Review! 🥗

Welcome to the Green Chef Co/Review! :green_salad:

The box up for discussion today is Green Chef.

The goal for this Co/Review is to get a conversation going about Green Chef and compare notes. If you’ve tried Green Chef in the past, you’re welcome to drop in and share your experience. There are some questions at the bottom of the post to help get you thinking. Let’s give an especially warm welcome to @ebbgirls and @mcleodjenny, the winners of our Green Chef Co/Review giveaway.

Curious to learn more about Green Chef? Feel free to drop questions below. This is a great chance to connect with real life subscribers and get a feel for what this subscription is really like.

What is a Co/Review?

Co/Reviews are community reviews designed especially for the MSA Forum. You can think of them kind of like mini book clubs. In each co/review, we’ll announce in advance the box or brand that will be up for discussion, and we’ll give away some boxes to help fuel the conversation. You’ll find details on how to win the complementary boxes in each co/review announcement post, but regardless of whether or not you win the box giveaway, you’re welcome to join the conversation when the co/review thread goes live

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe this subscription?
  2. How does this subscription make life better?
  3. How does this subscription make you feel?
  4. Would you recommend this subscription to a friend?
  5. Have you tried other subscriptions in this category? How does this one compare?
  6. Looking back on your experience with this subscription, what stands out?
  7. What is your favorite thing about this subscription?
  8. What about this subscription would you change?
  9. Are you a current subscriber? If not, would you consider signing up? Why or why not?
  10. Do you think this subscription offers good value for money?

From @ebbgirls:

1.I felt like this was the freshest box I ever received. I loved the fact it was organic and one pepper was not and they included a card to say it was conventional. How great is that?
2. It made life better by being able to serve fresh fish! I am always afraid of grocery stores and the freshness. You know when you have a bad experience and it takes forever to trust again with food?
3. This box made me feel confident again in preparing fish meals.
4.I would recommend this box for the ease of preparation. Only one recipe took longer to prepare than what was stated.
5.I have tried Hello Fresh. I feel like this was 99% spot on to prep and cook the meals. Hello Fresh was way more prep and time consuming.
6.What stands out was the ease of preparing the meals. The cabbage and carrots were already shredded. The califlower “rice” was ready to cook. The broccoli was already cut and portioned. The sweet potatoes were cubed. I really was able to get two of the dishes made in 20 minutes and the time flew by. I felt like I was having a restaurant meal.
7. The website makes it easy to see the meals. It makes me feel like I went to a nice restaurant to eat.
8. I didn’t find anything to change yet in the subscription.
9. I am not a current subscriber. I haven’t had a chance to look into yet.
10.I had to go back and look at MSA reviews to check the pricing.I think if $11.99 per meal is still current that was a great value. I was filled up with the meal. I think the portion sizes were the biggest I have seen.

  1. I received a box with three plant-based meals (each serving 2 people). The ingredients for each ready to cook meal were in their own brown, paper bag so there was no need to sort through and figure out what items went with each meal. The only ingredients I needed from my own pantry were olive oil, salt, and pepper. All three meals cooked up easily and there were no complicated steps. I had Roasted Veggie Couscous Bowls, Baja Cauliflower Bowls, and Creamy Broccoli & Potato Soup,
  2. I was hoping that the meals would help me in understanding and providing balanced and nutritional plant-based meals. The meals were super delicious, however, there was no nutritional information, other than calories, included on the recipe cards so it was difficult to ascertain if there was sufficient protein, etc. to make it a balanced meal for someone who eats solely plant-based.
  3. The subscription left me wanting to try more of their recipes, (they were so good) but also a little disappointed that it didn’t give me adequate nutritional information.
  4. I would recommend this subscription to a friend, especially one looking for new ideas and meals for plant-based eating.
  5. I haven’t done much as far as meal kits, but I have ordered various foods online and I was pleasantly surprised that the box came in a timely manner and that everything was still cold. In the past I have had to throw items away because I was worried about food safety when boxed have arrived warm.
  6. There are a couple of things that stood out to me: one, my teenage daughter looked at the recipe cards and said that all three meals looked gross and she didn’t want them, however, when she tried the meals she really enjoyed them and one meal (Baja Cauliflower Bowls) she asked if I would let her have my portion so she could eat it the next day. The portions were pretty large and left us feeling full. The second thing that stood out to me - and not in a good way, was that the recipes were kind of high in calories. I think the high calorie count comes from all of the olive oil they suggest cooking everything in. For someone who eats 1500-1700 calories daily, 820 calories for one meal is quite a bit of the daily calorie allowance.
  7. My favorite thing about this box was the recipes. I am hanging onto the recipe cards and with a few tweaks, like reducing the oil, I fully intend to re-make these meals.
  8. I would reduce the calories and include additional nutritional information on the recipe cards.
  9. I am not a current subscriber. I would consider subscribing for a short period of time, mostly for meal inspiration. I am pretty comfortable time wise with going to the grocery store, prepping, and cooking meals. It is the meal ideas that I personally struggle with.
  10. I feel like the value depends on what you are looking for. The ingredients with the meals I received were humble, inexpensive ingredients that would cost a lot less to buy yourself at the grocery store, i.e, a potato, an onion, rice . But if it is the time planning, going to the grocery store, and prepping that is your issue it may be a good value.

I decided to order and just got my first shipment today. I made a tasty fish dinner tonight.