Welcome to the HelloFresh Co/Review! 🥘

Welcome to the HelloFresh Co/Review! :shallow_pan_of_food:

The box up for discussion today is HelloFresh.

The goal for this Co/Review is to get a conversation going about HelloFresh and compare notes. If you’ve tried HelloFresh in the past, you’re welcome to drop in and share your experience. There are some questions at the bottom of the post to help get you thinking. Let’s give an especially warm welcome to @rebekahscher @blairbrakefield @Laney @quinnce, the winners of our HelloFresh Co/Review giveaway.

Curious to learn more about HelloFresh? Feel free to drop questions below. This is a great chance to connect with real life subscribers and get a feel for what this subscription is really like.

What is a Co/Review?

Co/Reviews are community reviews designed especially for the MSA Forum. You can think of them kind of like mini book clubs. In each co/review, we’ll announce in advance the box or brand that will be up for discussion, and we’ll give away some boxes to help fuel the conversation. You’ll find details on how to win the complementary boxes in each co/review announcement post, but regardless of whether or not you win the box giveaway, you’re welcome to join the conversation when the co/review thread goes live

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe this subscription?
  2. How does this subscription make life better?
  3. How does this subscription make you feel?
  4. Would you recommend this subscription to a friend?
  5. Have you tried other subscriptions in this category? How does this one compare?
  6. Looking back on your experience with this subscription, what stands out?
  7. What is your favorite thing about this subscription?
  8. What about this subscription would you change?
  9. Are you a current subscriber? If not, would you consider signing up? Why or why not?
  10. Do you think this subscription offers good value for money?

First of all, huge thanks to the MSA team for giving me the opportunity to test this subscription. It was a really great experience and I am very thankful.

I used to subscribe to HelloFresh and let me tell you— This subscription is awesome. As a first time mom of a very active ( all day, allllll night) 8 month old, this subscription is a total lifesaver. When you’re walking around like a zombie, the last thing you feel able to do is make quality decisions regarding meal time. It makes your life better by taking the guesswork out of what you’re going to make for dinner, by providing quality ingredients that are good for you and the fam, and by giving you meal ideas that last long after the last HelloFresh meal is gone. We had been eating crockpot meals for the majority of our meals, and it was getting pretty monotonous. There are only so many times you can eat the same meals in a month before they lose their appeal. Enter Hello Fresh… after trying three of their meals, I am feeling encouraged to try my hand at meals outside of the crockpot again. My crockpot, and my husband, are both very happy about this. Haha! I guess I had lost my pizazz in the kitchen, and had felt trapped in the crockpot game. No longer! I have regained my panache in the kitchen and I am looking forward to recreating the tasty meals we tried from HelloFresh. After each meal, my husband and I discussed what we liked and what we would like to revisit in the future on our own. Lemony green beans? Oh yeah. Creamy kale? You bet. Those two items weren’t even the center of the meal, yet they were simple and delicious. We are definitely going to be adding those two sides to many meals to come. I love how HelloFresh can revitalize your passion for food! It makes cooking fun again.

As a first time mom, this subscription was a total “reset”. I am feeling empowered to make dishes that light a spark in my epicurean heart. Lemony green beans may have saved my cooking ! Who knew?

My husband and I are going to subscribe to this box, and will use the time together in the kitchen to connect. With a baby it’s hard to set apart time to connect, but meeting in the kitchen to do a task like cooking together will be a meaningful and delicious experience. I’ve already recommended the box to my mom and sisters, and will be recommending to my friends as I see them.

I loved trying out this box, and can honestly say it was a wonderful experience. Thank you MSA!