Welcome to the PotomacBeads Co/Review! 📿

Welcome to the PotomacBeads Co/Review! :prayer_beads:

The box up for discussion today is PotomacBeads, a bead subscription that sends everything you need to make a different project every month.

The goal for this Co/Review is to get a conversation going about PotomacBeads and compare notes. If you’ve tried this subscription in the past, I welcome you to drop in and share your experience. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to ask questions. Let’s give an especially warm welcome to @kerckhoveciara and @Carol , the winners of our PotomacBeads Co/Review giveaway.

Everyone who takes part in the first week of conversation will earn a badge for their participation.

What is a Co/Review?

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Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe this subscription?
  2. How does this subscription make life better?
  3. How does this subscription make you feel?
  4. Would you recommend this subscription to a friend?
  5. Have you tried other subscriptions in this category? How does this one compare?
  6. Looking back on your experience with this subscription, what stands out?
  7. What is your favorite thing about this subscription?
  8. What about this subscription would you change?
  9. Are you a current subscriber? If not, would you consider signing up? Why or why not?
  10. Do you think this subscription offers good value for money?

I received a box that had all of the beads and findings to make a bracelet and some additional beads and findings for my bead stash.

I was surprised to find that the box did not contain the needle nor the beading string required to make the bracelet: luckily I had both on hand. The bracelet pattern was easy to follow with clear pictures and written instructions. They also provide a video tutorial which I did not explore as I prefer reading jewelry making instructions.

Since this box included so many different beads and findings I challenged myself to create two more pieces using the supplies from the box supplemented with some beads and findings I had on hand.
I created a simple chain bracelet using the jump rings from the box in addition to some colorful jump rings I already had. I also played with some wire-wrapping around two gems that were included in the box.

Overall I was impressed with the quality and quantity of the supplies provided. While this is my first experience with a craft-focused subscription box, I was very happy with this box. I would recommend this box to anyone with a pre-existing bead collection or one that is looking to grow a bead collection. As they did not include the needle or string to make this project, I would caution those who do not already have the basic jewelry making supplies that the projects will require additional supplies. If my bead stash weren’t already too big I would definitely be subscribing!


I’ve never tried this sub box but I am definitely interested in trying it now!

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@kerckhoveciara Thanks so much for sharing your experience with PotomacBeads! I love what you made!!

I was excited to receive this box. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was making a lot of jewelry to pass the time, but I moved on to other hobbies and my stash was sitting unused.

I was surprised at the amount of beads and findings that we received. I thought it was going to be enough for one piece, but there were a lot of additional items. There was a nice selection that included Czech and crystal beads, Miyuki seed beads, gemstones and pearls, and silver plated findings.

Above is the box and below is every laid out.

Instructions were included for a bracelet that was a little above my skill level lol. I’m keeping it for when I have a little more time to learn. The instructions seems to be very clear and there is also a video available. The reviewer above made a gorgeous bracelet following the pattern that we were provided!

My process is a little…slow lol. I have a lot of different things going on, but nothing finished to show at the moment. :grimacing:

This was the first time that I tried this type of subscription (I’ve really only subbed to beauty boxes) and I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t touched my bead stash in months and it got me excited again about creating stuff. I think that the selection is good for both beginners and probably even advanced jewelry makers. There is enough here to create more than one piece and, of course, you can always supplement with your own stash. The Potomac website is also great and includes many tutorials and additional supplies to purchase. You can also purchase past boxes if you see something that you like. Everything seemed very high quality and this was a fun subscription to try! Thanks MSA and Potomac!


I love your work; especially the chainmail!

I missed bead reviews! Where hath Ragan gone??