What are some of the Add Ons you're getting from FABFITFUN?

What are some add ons do you recommend?

What’s in my cart, or what am I actually getting?? Because those are two totally different questions. :rofl:

TBH, I haven’t really seen any “must haves” in this particular sale. Possibly bc I’ve been a FFF subscriber for a long time and shopped a lot of sales.


I’m being good for the first time since I joined FFF years ago! I only have a spongelle pedi buffer (those things rock!) and 2 voesh watermelon pedicure treatments.


I’ve got those Voesh watermelon kits in the cart and??? I forgot already. lol


Okay Ladies I put the Voesh Watermelon Treatments in my cart! Any more recommendations?


If you haven’t tried the spongelle pedi buffers, they’re amazing! They’re: just the right size to fit in your hand, rough on one side soft on the other and great for exfoliating before shaving! Plus they’re good for at least 30 uses!


One thing I don’t get is the difference between box boosts and add ons. Like I get the idea generally, but then some of the items just feel like they’re add ons that weren’t in the add on sale.

So in my “add ons” I just have the my Tagalongs packaging cubes and the sterling forever gold hoop threader earrings. As a “box boost” I have the tease tea warmer and tea set.

I don’t need the earrings but I’m a sucker for gold hoops.


Thanks @Kate.Kemp I put one in my cart!!


Yep, you’re right - the box boosts are basically like add-ons just called something different. Originally, based on my unofficial personal study, the box boosts were items that we never saw in any add-on/edits sales. Typically we see repeats in add-on/edit sales, i.e. an item will be in a bunch of sales, I presume until they sell out. But the box boost items were unique to being box boosts. Now, however, that’s different - the dutch oven and the silver canisters, for example - both were not only in prior edit sales, but they were also prior box items.

I think we’re seeing that now because of all of the supply chain issues, i.e. FFF is just adding in what they have on hand as box boosts. Hard to say what things will be like going forward.


Here’s where I’m at on one account, I can’t seem to shake the KS tumblers, they’re just so pretty
I was typing out my justifications for my purchases and managed to cut the Dr Brandt Microderm since $15 is steep (compared to when it was $9 from boxycharm) plus it’s in allure next month so I should get a tube there as long as I still have a box left on my old annual, and if they do a coupon I can sign up my whole household and stock up plus get the rest of whatever the allure box is

And account 2!

I swapped for credit on this account, so this should all be covered or I might be $2 out of pocket

Back to account 1, I’m adding one extra customization, maybe 2 if I can snag the gaiam set, I had it originally, cut it, and now have some regret there

So for the season I’m at about $90 not including having prepaid two annuals

I definitely see myself cutting back, one annual I will for sure not renew, the other could go either way


Oh No! They took my Voesh Treatments out of my cart! :flushed:

Oh wow that’s a bummer!!
I definitely got charged for the three things in my cart :sweat_smile:

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That happened to a lot of people - and for quite a few products (the kimono/robe, one of the Milk products, I don’t remember what else, but there were more). Somehow there was some kind of issue where FFF basically oversold the products, and then had to go back and tell people, gee sorry, you can’t have that.

This is their statement on the issue: Login - FabFitFun

ETA: IDK why the statement link shows up as “Login - FabFitFun” but the link is correct.


I just added on another box this time because I had a $20 credit to use in the add on sale…

I added on to my customization this time… So many good things in Category 1!!


@Sherri Exactly what happened! :100:

I think it may be because you are already logged in? When I used the link, it took me to a sign-on page. :slight_smile: