What are some of the most expensive items you've ever seen in a subscription box? 🤑

What are some of the most expensive items you’ve ever seen in a subscription box? :money_mouth_face:


Let’s get real: subscriptions can be a great way to get your hands on some high-value items at a significant discount. They can give you the chance to feel like a big spender without having to let go of too much moolah. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to look back on some of the most expensive items we’ve seen featured in past shipments.

There are no hard and fast rules for this thread; anything goes. Was there a single item with a crazy-high valuation? (La Mer, perhaps?) That counts. Items that cost a lot for their given category count, too. (I’m looking at you, Sugarfina, with your pricey, yet delicious gummy candies.)


Share your high ticket value subscription box finds below!

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It’s pretty rare that I feel like any single item is worth the entire cost of a box, regardless of the assigned retail value, but there have been a few knockouts in my day:

I was with Ipsy when it was still $10 and they were just piloting choice. I was a beta tester (randomly selected) and got to choose a full size Ofra highlighter! This was in the heyday of Ofra and I had been dying to try their highlighter, so to get to choose a full size in my $10 Ipsy bag was a total steal! Chasing that rush kept me with Ipsy for a good while, before their hike to $11 knocked me to occasional, and at $13 I no longer subscribe.

and the other:

Fabfitfun Summer 2018 (iirc) they lured me in by offering a Foreo in their box, it was the new Luna Fofo, not one of the $100+ ones but still a respectable brand and a true hero in the FFF box. Foreo is still the top name in that game, but back then there weren’t even true imitators yet, and getting my hands on that Foreo was a game changer.

Any time Boxycharm features a Natasha Denona 5 pan I’m thrilled, those are easily worth $25!

That one PopSugar (RIP my love) box that had Charlotte Tilbury! I used an MSA coupon to snag it, I was originally in love with the purse in that curation, but when I got it I wasn’t as in love as I wanted to be, so I swapped it. But the box also featured a Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick. At the time I was extremely loyal to MAC, but since the Charlotte Tilbury came with the purse I went ahead and tried it, and then I discovered that I have two true lipstick loves!


I remember Luxor box having some really big listed values for the stuff inside. Omg. Didn’t they include like a voucher for a cruise one time? But there were a ton of strings attached and it was super difficult for any human to actually use it?


What comes to mind now is the PopSugar Neiman Marcus box with the Kim Seybert placemats. $112 for four. I have put them up for swap since I have no decor for them.


It seems to me that Robb Vices always had very valuable items. I could never afford the box, myself, but I loved reading the reviews on MSA.

I subscribe to Breo Box which usually (I’ve not been impressed lately) offers expensive tech toys. However, it’s an expensive box to subscribe to, so I expect to receive interesting and valuable items.

Whaaaat? I never subscribed to Luxor Box, but I read the reviews. How did I miss them giving away a cruise!? Does anyone remember the details?

Yes! I reviewed Robb Vices way back in the day and there were a lot of really cool, high-value items. The Classe Azul Tequila was a stand-out for me, and I also LOVED the Visionaire gift that came in the August 2016 box. Subscribers could choose from a selection of art pieces, and I went with the Artist Toys, which are like little Matryoshka dolls. That month’s Robb Vices box was packed full of other things (coffee press, cakes, coffee grinder, candle, ceramic dripper, coffee beans), so this item felt like a bonus, but it retails for $200!


The missoni towels from box of style come to mind. The NM popsugar boxes always had a few big ticket items.


The Stelle Pillar from Robb Vices was pretty expensive. I swapped for that.
I remember the special edition Luxor Box had a $600+ purse in it - but I did not get that one.


[Insert RZ BOS/Curateur jewelry item of choice here]

All the jewelry in her box carries such a high RV. I think a few boxes ago the chain link necklace had an RV of $350? Don’t get me wrong, I actually like most of the jewelry in her boxes, but IMHO, the RVs are extreme for what they are.


Yes! I love Missoni and was super glad to get that!

Omg I remember that!! I was so confused as to how they could offer a cruise, lmao.


The Rose et Marius tumblers and velvet pouches! The tumblers were worth a fortune on the swap site at the time! The tumblers were in Oui Please and Luxor got into the act after the fact…

I still use my tumblers daily. I think they were over$200 each…
They have updated them and they come as poured candles now.


Dermaflash from the New Beauty Test Tube sub. box with a retail value of $189.

I forgot about that! Did anyone get to go on the cruise? I’m searching but only found a different travel certificate from them. I swear I remember reading someone’s experience trying to use one of their cruises or flights.

There was a whole discussion about this on the old forum. It was really interesting to read. One person in particular made it their mission to try to redeem it and it was next to impossible to coordinate flights. It was basically added to the box to entice subscribers but it ended up being useless as extra money needed to be spent to redeem.


Hey @belmontka9 - welcome to the forum! I too remember that thread. It was a wild (and frustrating!) ride for sure. I think there’s a reason Luxur box is no longer around.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
It was definitely fun to read!

Answers from this thread are featured in a post in the feed today:

Btw I had oodles of fun tracking down Liz’s original review of the Luxor Box containing the cruise voucher. What a trip! (Pun intended because… you know… no one actually got to go on that trip. :upside_down_face:)

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I totally forgot about that one. I was too afraid to try it and swapped it away.

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