What are some of the most expensive items you've ever seen in a subscription box? 🤑

I still have mine and have never used or opened it, I may have to put it up for swap :grin:

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Wow. Crazy!

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Ooh, I’m remembering there was box / crate that was like thousand(s) of dollars. I believe it came out before Christmas and was a once yearly super splurge that I don’t recall any previews or any sort of after picture of. It was probably around 2016ish I’m thinking. I just always wanted to know what was in it and how many people got it delivered to their yachts :joy::joy:

Does anyone remember this?? Did anyone get one?

It’s expired. I have one too. Luxor also did another vacation voucher, flight plus hotel. Equally as impossible to use. And also now expired. Sigh.

This is ringing a bell for me, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. I recall Liz posting about it when it was announced, and I think the reveal was kind of a let down. I wish I could find the post!!