What beauty collab's do you still think about....I'm looking at you Elf + Chipotle

I was completely unaware of this collab! Did anyone try this?!
I’m not opposed to it. I used to partake in Chipolte’s dress-up like a burrito contest during Halloween to get a free Burrito. :burrito:

I haven’t watched this series, but I think this collab is VERY cute:

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I think the bag is adorable! It looks just like a Chipotle burrito! LOL Very creative!

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hahaha I know right! :joy:

The original beauty/food collab has to be those lip smackers that came in the full range of soda flavors. Dr. Pepper was THE BEST.



I feel like the Dr. Pepper flavor was amazing, and there was a mint chip I was into?

Somehow I always got stuck with bubblegum, though, and it upset me :rofl:

Serious question: Would anyone be brave enough to try the Cheetos lip scrub :fire:



Eeeewww. But it might be a good way to get a man to use a lip scrub!

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this made me so happy @Kate.Kemp :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m not too sure about that Cheetos lip scrub, but I would definitely try some if the other collab items! :star_struck:


@April-MSA Have you seen this?

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Hi @Caryn ! :heart: Oh are you asking if I’ve seen the Cheetos scrub out in the wild myself :joy: Not yet, but I do follow Trendmod on insta, and I think that’s where I saw this, and the nerds and Pez collab!

I’m with you, the Cheetos is a bit random and I just have a feeling it would probably give me a weird reaction and maybe the cheesy Cheetos mouth haha :yum:

Hi @April-MSA My picture didn’t upload lol, I was wondering if you had seen the Chipotle eyeshadow palette?!


@Caryn, oooooh, I dig this palette!! I always want green shadow to work on me, but it can make me look sickly (not sure why?)

I have green eyes, and I’m fair, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t work? Do you have any recs for individuals with green eyes for shadows :slight_smile: I feel like purple has always been my go-to, but I get bored, haha.

Great find! :heart:

Purple is supposed to be a good color shadow/liner for those with green eyes!


@April-MSA Purples are gorgeous for you! Have you experimented with gold & bronze? Maybe layered with the purples? What are your favorite palettes right now?

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@Caryn @angelatrupo so I’ve been really enjoying Colourpops lilac palette


I usually just use the whole middle row. Anything iridescent and purple seems to work the best. I have tried to incorporate some golds from a super old Bobbi Brown palette I have, but it’s weird how so many things tend to wash me out. It’s a bummer!


I love that palette! I use mostly purple too! I feel it makes my blue eyes pop. But maybe I’m just crazy LOL And the more iridescent the better!!

Have you tried either of these colourpop palettes?

It’s my pleasure

Orchid you not

The site is 25% off today!!


@Caryn you’re going to be super popular here because we could all use makeup help! What if you had a thread called, “Consult Caryn” or something like that? Where people could pick your brain, ask your opinion on a color, etc? I know I could use serious help figuring out which eye brush does what. And I have hooded eyes!! Save me! Save us all!! LOL


@Kate.Kemp no, I haven’t, but I’m adding it to the list!!! Oooo I love that “Seedling” shade on the second one. Very 90s! Oh, shoot that deals today?! Score! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh my gosh, I was reminiscing on some old-school beauty collabs from my high school days, and do you remember that brand Fetish?!

They had perfume and then they did a collab with Cristina Agularia and I bought the perfume and got like a random CD from her with 5 tracks that I guess never made it to the album lol

I love the tagline in the perfume ad “don’t spray near open flame or intense love” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Those boots are still pretty fire though