What Happened to Spoilers?

I am disappointed to see that there has only been one spoiler posted since December and only 3 in December! I used to come here for all my news and to know if I should go for a sub the next month. Now I have to Google for things and it’s just not the same. I miss how robust the site used to be. Does anyone know why they’ve cut down on spoilers and if they’ll revive them?


I’ve wondered the same!

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Hi @ahansonfan - welcome to the forum! I definitely hear you. I wish I had a better answer for you on why there isn’t as heavy an emphasis on spoilers as the past, but I do believe that if box spoilers are emailed to MSA they will get posted.


I can’t imagine that the reason spoilers have halted is because you aren’t getting emailed about them. If that’s the case, why didn’t msa post all the spoilers users posted on the forum in December and November? It appears that msa content now is mainly sponsored. I would happily email you all the timely spoilers I see on Reddit and hellosubscription if msa would start posting them again. I really miss your relevant, timely beauty box subscription content…I think we all do :pensive:


Macy’s Feb spoilers:

Allure Feb spoilers:

Ipsy Feb spoilers:

Look fantastic Feb spoilers:

Fff spring spoilers:

Glossybox Feb spoilers:

Happy to send these and more–anytime, if you will start posting these again!


Unless it’s changed, we have not been able to post spoilers from other sites. (Which, if they are going to be so much later or not post them seems silly). Maybe that’s changed.


These are awesome @florencedesign ! Thank you so much for these :smiley:

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Anytime :relaxed:

I have been wondering the SAME thing!! And @shannonleighcolley I totally agree with you about the silly part but I’m not sure I understand what do you mean about we haven’t been to post the spoilers lately? Like it doesn’t allow you? I’m just truly confused about why it’s not being updated anymore. What are your thoughts?

In the past we were not “allowed “ to post spoilers and things we found on other sites like their competitors. Which, in essence was dumb, because if they couldn’t do it fast enough, we were just helping them. Lol

And I agree. I have no idea what’s going on over there. However, I agree that the posts, reviews etc are very few and far between what they used to be!