What is your go-to resource (outside of MSA) for beauty & product reviews?

I mostly use Korean skincare so I rely on word of mouth from friends regarding what brands/products they like. I also check reviews on Soko Glam.


Muaonthecheap and Amy from beautydeals bff!

Honestly I’ve been using MSA for years now and never really got into any other sites for subscription info and spoilers… MSA was and is always so spot on, that I guess I never needed to branch out, personally. However I guess I use Instagram as well.

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I started looking at Brandefy when they had the short lived sub. box. Now I like to see dupe comparisons on the app.

I use Hello Subscription for the boxes that MSS doesn’t cover.


Thats a good one, can’t believe I forgot that one. I haven’t used it in forever thought. I used to look at both and MSA took over and I didn’t even realize I just slowly went 100% MSA. I’ll have to check it out soon! Thanks