What is your single most favorite subscription box discovery of all time?

Thanks, Angie,
I was on the forum earlier but never posted anything. When this topic came up I had to let the forum know about my new found gem. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect but I never fail to turn it on in the mornings. I never thought I would find something so useful and long lasting in a subscription box. Also, I love my muk luks (spelling?), no need for slippers when I wear these and so toasty warm. These will also be on my shopping list. I think they were from Fabfitfun.


Hi Sherri, I like them too. I often reuse one with a shower gel to get the buffing effect. Claire

Welcome @jslemh !!

Youre right, R+Co and unhides are the best! I’ve since bought both! LOL

Hope you enjoy the forums!

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I use these daily :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ah, these are beautiful! :star_struck: @Alex I may have missed it, where did you get these? :purple_heart:

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The first beauty product that comes to mind is a face primer. I was busying raising kids and I missed that in stores.
The non-beauty items were the Govino glasses( I got into drinking carbonated water and these are so fun for me) from Popsugar and Swell Bottles.

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They’re from FabFitFun summer 2019

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@ujjayini_s_b - funny enough i hoped to use the freshetech with the breo box casalink plugs to turn on in the morning to wake me up but it wouldn’t work that way. But, i use the casa link smart plugs to turn on my table lamps in the morning to start helping me wake up. It works!

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I use those everyday too! I usually use them for cooking when I need to make a sauce or prepare a small side dish. I am no longer subscribed to FFF but I gotta say- that box where the dishes come from was one of the best.


I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but the Remote Basket from Globein. I was not interested in it at first and now I have them in almost every room of my house. They hold sunglasses, coasters, nail polishes, etc.


Probably this body butter that I received in a Boxycharm.

I’m worried because it has been out of stock for a while on the M Greengrass website. It better not be discontinued. I only have one backup left! :frowning_with_open_mouth:The only place that has it is QVC, and it is pricey there.

  1. Smith & Cult
  2. R+Co - love them all including their hair oils!
  3. Antica Farmacista candles
  4. Corkcicle Canteens
  5. UnHide Blankets
  6. Stila
  7. Ettitude bamboo sheets - I cannot get enough! Ever since breast cancer & early onset menopause (because of it), my body runs so hot at night, when I sleep. These sheets save my life! They’re so cool to the touch.

@Tracy, welcome to the forum!
I think your list is absolutely on point but I haven’t tried the Etitude sheets. I am in perimenopause starting this year and it is kicking my butt!

Wow. I definitely need to try #7 then!!!

:open_mouth: yes! You must!!!

Love this list!!

Super yes to R+Co!!

So the sheets stay cool even while sleeping on them? I had to have a partial hysterectomy so I’m basically in menopause and I’m sweating through my sheets as we speak. (And they’re 100% Egyptian cotton!!)


Kate, yes! Cool all night long for me. Here’s a link, so you can read about the clean bamboo & how it’s chemical free, etc:

I still love my linen & cotton blend sheets, but after using Ettitude bamboo sheets for about 2 years now, it’s hard to go back to putting any other blend, on my bed. I have to sleep in just my underwear now & I even flip my pillow during the night … so I can get a cool side again. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh yeah & I’d add #8 to my list …… Ettitude’s waffle bath towel sheets. They’re HUGE & cover all of my lady bits (I’m 5’10” & a size 20).


Thank you so much!! I need to invest. FFF has had them as add ons but not in my California King size. :sob:

I bought the ettitude bath sheet as a FFF add on, but I shrunk it down to nothing the first time I washed it!! I’m still pissed about that LOL

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My Massi throw and my 1951 pouchettes!
Still use them all of the time :heart:


You should sign up for Go Picky if you haven’t already! They send you 100% free items to review, but they also sell “Picky Boxes” filled with 5 to 7 K-beauty products for $30. The boxes are actually free; the $30 is for international shipping costs. Worth it though! This is one of my recent Picky Boxes. :relaxed: