What smaller subscriptions have you found

I’m a sucker for the more niche and handcrafted boxes. I love a good theme and presentation and that’s much more enjoyable to me than a high value box. I wanted to share some of my favorites. Would love to hear yours.
Fiction Flock
Ohana jewelry
Project home DIY
Confetti grace
Saltwater crafting
Coastal crafts (jewelry making)
Farmers Finds (just got one so far but looks fun for $20)

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Like Ipsy but better, and the same price for me (cost+shipping comes out around $13) and they have great referrals for $5 off your first order

They have a pretty extensive survey and personalize really well! Here’s a recent box I got:


Oh! Fiction Flock looks really intriguing. Thanks for sharing your list.
I’m not sure that I have any subscriptions as small as yours, but I’m thinking on it…

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I love Fiction flock. They’re not the mainstream books the big book boxes include but I’ve loved every single one. She does a really great job picking books and curating the boxes!

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@pamelaburns2 Do you know of any discount codes on the first order from Farmer Finds?

I haven’t seen any. I just recently discovered them and got one box so far. It’s only $19.99 including shipping.

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Thanks for the recommendation! Already checked it out last night, and probably will order soon. :slight_smile:

Enjoy if you do!

I finally signed up for Confetti Grace and then the next month they said they were stopping subscriptions. Bummed as I really liked that one.

Really, when? I haven’t heard that!

This one? https://confettigrace.com/

Thank you!

@pamelaburns2 my mistake. I had confetti collection. Sorry about that everyone.

Yeah, I haven’t seen that one in awhile!

These are such great recommendations, thanks!

Marshmallow of the Month is the only one that comes to mind, but I would love to learn more about under-the-radar-boxes. I feel like that’s one downfall of the sub review sites: they are really focused on the big subs so we never hear about the smaller ones.


@pamelaburns2 I just got my Farmersfinds box today. I wonder if everyone gets the same items. I won’t spoil it for everyone. I like the contents.

Yeah! I didn’t get mine yet. Last month was my first month and it was honey products. Can’t best $20. Can’t wait to see it!

Fetch which is a cat box. I haven’t seen much about it but I won a 3 month subscription to it a few months back and found a lot of awesome new brands that my cat is obsessed with. Plus everything they include is healthy, natural, etc.

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I’m so enthused to read this! I’ve just started writing for MSA, all thanks to Lindsey, and my mission is going to be to bring indie boxes to the masses!

There really are so many great boxes out there and many more being launched as we speak. I’m so glad MSA wants to fill in their box coverage with indies! It’s really a win for everyone!

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