What subscription box products do you travel with?

I don’t have a full comprehensive list (though I want to make one), but since my partner is stationed out of San Antonio right now I’m traveling quite a bit to be able to see him. The Ipsy Glam Bag Plus bags + Dermstore makeup bags are what I use to organize everything, and a lot of the travel sized skincare and hair care are from Ipsy. Plus, lip masks from fab fit fun and sheet masks from various subscriptions!

Would a more comprehensive list be something y’all are interested in? Do you travel with any subscription box products?


The one that comes to mind is Spongelles - IMHO they are great for travel because it’s sponge plus body wash in a single unit.

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One item o travel with when I’m working as a market trainer with Ilia Beauty is the Hershel tote bag from FFF. It’s always pre packed & ready to go!

I have a large makeup bag that was a GWP from Ulta, that fits pretty much everything. Sometimes I use smaller bags from Ipsy or other GWP to further organize. I always pick up deluxe samples of two of my HG products from Ipsy shopper, pop up, or add-ons when I see them–Sunday Riley A+ and Origins Original Matte Moisturizer so that I have those on hand. Otherwise, I just toss in a random assortment of skincare and makeup from the stash–the Viseart pallets are good for travel and I love multistick-type products. I’ve amassed a collection of fragrance samples and travel sizes, so those go in the bag. Finally, I keep the little jars from skincare samples–Sunday Riley and IT are really good ones–and use those to decant from full-size bottles.

@Sherri do you find that they dry in time before you pack them back up? Or is that a non issue

@Caryn :eyes::eyes: I’m off to the swap site to investigate

@Carol ulta GWP’s are something ELSE! I love them.

@Jessica-MSA - it’s a non-issue. I squeeze out the obvious water, and then leave it out until whenever I need to pack up my stuff. It usually ends up still being damp, but I keep it in a travel case (and before I got one of those on sale, I just used a plastic bag), and I’ve never had an issue with it getting moldy or whatever else one might be concerned about with it being damp.

Okay well if anyone else is going to travel like me that sephora Sun safety kit is an awesome way to stock up on travel-sized sunscreens
I’m so stoked it’s back.

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