What was your top subscription box discovery of 2021?

I rounded up my top 10 favorite subscription box discoveries of 2021, and thinking my way through everything I tried was a fun way to look back to see which products were really awesome and which products kinda just faded to the background. I’d love to know which product (or products) made the cut for you to be considered the best of your personal best. And were there any products you were really excited for in 2021 that ended up being a massive flop? Let’s talk about those too.

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I can’t believe you tried an estimated 977 different products in 2021. That’s incredible!!


I really liked the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-tight facial mask.(I am a mask junkie for sure). Wander Beauty Sight C-ER Vitamin C Concentrate, Elta MD UV Clear Broad Suncreen SPF 46. This is the best sunscreen ever for my face. The light texture does not feel like sunscreen at all.
I am also a lip junkie and two favorites were the Patrick Ta lip mask and the Three Ships Vanilla lip mask and scrub.
I never thought to add up my items I tried. I should start that for 2022. I have not got any boxes yet for January.

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I was going to say @Jessica-MSA Guinness Book of World Records submission?! :heart_eyes: Your title needs to be Esquire/Beauty Editor

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@ebbgirls i was SO stoked that the glow recipe mask came in my glam bag x!!

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@ebbgirls I love Elta MD sunscreen. It’s the only sunscreen that has never made me break out.

I just visited the Three Ships website you mentioned and took the skin quiz. I think I might give it a try.

I’ve been using the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask (but when I’m awake, ha) for, I think, the last two years, but I’m thinking of trying the ones you mentioned!

The Laneige lip masks were my first ones I tried and I continue to buy every flavor they make. Did you get all the holiday ones? I love that gingerbread? I also love the Tatcha one as well. Is it wrong that I have more than 7 lip products open since there are only 7 days in the week?!! lol.
The Three ships is just a wonderful vanilla scent with light feel. I know it has been making the rounds in sub boxes but I can’t remember which one I got it in.
I also keep buying the Kopari brand because I love coconut. Those come in a tube which is wonderful.


I didn’t get the holiday ones I feel like I really missed out :sob: :sob:

And no, you are not wrong for enjoying multiple lip products. My lips are chronically dry so I rotate between the Laneige lip masks, this giant drug store Cocoa Butter balm that’s like a giant glue stick but that I :purple_heart: and then Fresh’s brown sugar scrub for exfoliation. I love vanilla and coconut so I need to try the Kopari as well!

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PMD cleansing device from Boxycharm subscription. It’s amazing

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I love it too! Mine came in Ipsy. The massage function with a sheet mask is pure bliss if you hold tension in your face.

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Oh I lovvve it. I use Dr. Brandt’s(sp) micropore dermabrasion scrub with it or Tula

@April-MSA I just saw on Insta Laneige has chocolate lip mask coming out. What do you think?

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@ebbgirls whatttttt :woman_technologist:

I’m doing the google right now lol I’m so glad you told me! :heart:

Ok, I saw there’s a set of chocolate & caramel?? So, I obviously love those two things as food groups. I’m not opposed to having it as a lip mask but I got this hello kitty lip creme the other day and it’s almost too perfumey if that makes sense?

You got the ginerbread Laneige right? How was that?

The Votary Super Seed Serum from Boxwalla. I don’t remember if I received it in 2021, but that’s when I used it and it was extraordinary. Wow!

@April-MSA I did not know about the caramel. Makes sense for a set. I love my gingerbread and the mint chocolate that was in the mini set for the holidays. The whole set was awesome.
I am bummed to hear the Hello Kitty is too perfumey. That makes sense. I have not bought any of the Creme shop ones. I think now I will skip them.
EDIT: I can’t remember when they go on sale. I knew I should have written it down. Sephora does not show them yet or the Laneige website.

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@ebbgirls yes! Was just about to say this is where I saw the gift set on a website called: Beauty Box Korea. They seemed to have a lot of unique sets

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@April-MSA I sure hope this doesn’t mean it is not for the USA?!

@ebbgirls i think almost all, if not all, of the laneige flavors were released in Korea before being released in the US


As silly as this may sound, the CT lip pencil in Allure was my most favorite/game changing discovery for me in 2021. I have been wearing full fledge lipstick since I was probably 14. I can only imagine the amount of lead that must be in my system (over 25 years of wearing lipstick EVERY SINGLE DAY!). In a way, I kind of now know what the Mad Hatter must have felt like (did you know he was being lead poisoned?) Lol. Anyway, I now use a lip pencil and it has been LIFE CHANGING. I don’t leave bright lip stains on mugs or people anymore and I don’t have to worry about lipstick all over my teeth (ugh that’s the worst!) Plus, my lead levels have decreased dramatically (just kidding!). Weird how a simple discovery could make my life that much better!

@Snow i love that lip liner, I’ve been using it for a few years and adore it.