What would you like to see in the forum?

Welcome to the brand new MSA forum! Do you have ideas for things you’d like to see in the forum? Events or virtual get togethers you’d like to see? Share your ideas here!

I’d love an In Search Of to help people find unicorns.


@Kristin, that is a great idea.


Love that idea, Kristin!


Would anyone be interested in a thread where you could share past or present inspo themed “looks” (make-up, clothing, or even both) from a favorite movie, TV show/celeb/book/whatever your hearts desire :heart_eyes:

Example: I’m still obsessed with the tv show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I find the entire casts looks iconic and I still find myself trying to recreate them:

Or is this totally lame??

@Lindsey-MSA @Samantha-MSA @Jessica-MSA looking to my teammates and all the lovely mods for the “maybe it’s time for night-night April” :laughing:

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I’m currently in a comfy onesie in bed doing a sheet mask and eating a cupcake so it still completely mystifies me sometimes that people want or ask for my opinion.
@April-MSA this is cool but all my tired Virgo brain can think is “time consuming.” Something I would totally be down to read though.