Where to Donate Makeup/Skincare/Hair care/Etc. Products?

Obviously I’m looking into local options (women’s shelters etc.) as well, but does anyone know of any organizations that accept donations of makeup, skincare, hair care, etc. products? I’m willing to ship to them.

I have a boat load of subscription box items - both sample size and full size - all new, that I’ll never get around to using, and would like for them to land in the hands of someone who needs/could use them.

I can (and will) google for options, but I thought I’d check here too to see if anyone happened to be aware of any options off the top of their head. TIA.

ETA: To clarify, at this time I’m really just interested in organizations that will take items in bulk. I really don’t want to sound like an uncaring a$$, but right now my schedule doesn’t afford me the time to make up and distribute individual bags of goodies. I’d rather the items go somewhere and be put to use than to continue to sit in my house. Thanks much for the suggestions so far.


I think it’s great that you’re looking for a place where your items can make a difference, @Sherri! I found this list which may be helpful!


My son is a heart baby(my term)born with a CHD. He will always need surgeries and when we go to dr. visits I make up Ipsy bags full of items and give to nurses for the families that have a stay at the hospital. I have given bags just for the nurses as well. The joy is felt all around.
Before covid I would always make bags and signs and leave on locker room counters at my gym.The ladies loved that.


Good ideas!

I have donated to Project Beauty Share: What We Accept - Project Beauty Share®


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What a great share!

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Dress for Success has many local chapters and many of them take these kinds of donations.

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These are all great options! If anyone here is in Colorado, I am actually putting together an event, as a beauty pop-up for the victims of the Marshall fires. I am bringing in Makeup Artist and aestheticians, so that men and women can get some advice on what would work for them, color match etc. Please feel free to PM me and I can share more details…

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