Whole Foods Beauty Bags 2022

Yay or nay?
Cop or not?

Any thoughts?

There’s still stock left at my Whole Foods, and I’m interested in stuff in both bags, but not sure if worth it to buy.

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I find the glow and go bag to be a better value since there is a full sized Dr hauschka moisturizer in it. The pink bag is super cute(I’m a sucker for anything pink lol) but the contents don’t really wow me.


@shar ** nay. I was so looking forward to this bag and then it turned out to be a dud in my mind. It just didn’t excite me and I finally skipped buying a beauty bag!

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Ugh! Oh no!

I was looking forward to trying the nail polish remover from the Pink bag, but I did read that the Blue one was better… maybe I will just skip it and see if I can swap for some of the items!


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I agree with this. It really depends on what you will use or want to try before you buy. I will use most of the purple bag, I don’t think I should have picked up the pink one. The mad hippie item in each bag is worth the bag price if you ever wanted to try those.


I may try to see if our closest Whole Foods (it’s a 365, so not holding my breath) has any/ anymore after I hit the OrangeTheory next to it tomorrow. That’s about as motivated as I am with this year’s, especially with the price hike and fewer items. The 2020 one nabbed from a larger WH in the city (I missed last year’s because I forgot) was amazing, a great value, and stuffed to the gills. I had to ask an employee and she brought it from the back, which was a surprise, but also the beginning of the pandemic so in retrospect not really.

TL;DR: IMHO, only if you really think the price is a good value for what you really want.


Okay so just circling back here - I ended up springing for the Bright Ideas bag, because I would use more of the items (I want to try some new shampoos/conditioners, plus I like face moisturizers). However, the value seems to be inflated.

After careful math, and even using the “higher” pricing for some of the items, the value seems to only be around $82-$92, not the $120+ as claimed.

I did also see the Dr. Hauschka item in the Glow and Go bag, which does retail for $35, so if that’s a product that you use, it would be worth it for you - you’d technically be getting the item at a $10 discount (since the bag is $25), and everything else is a “freebie.”

I will probably use most of this stuff, but honestly am considering returning it. :frowning:


Hey y’all! I was just in Whole Foods today, and of course these bags were still on display.

It looks like it’s on sale for half price ($12.47), but I couldn’t bring myself to make that purchase yet. The tag says it will be pulled off the shelves on 5/17 (or 5/19, I forgot).

Soooo in case anyone wanted to make the purchase at this price point, I’d suggest going to your Whole Foods to see!

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Ok, if they are half off, I might take the plunge. lol. I’ll check out the Philly store!