Why do people like subscription boxes and how do you find them?

Hello everyone!

I am publishing this survey to this group to conduct a study on subscription boxes.

The questionnaire is short and only 11 questions long and we would like to know why you buy subscription boxes and how you get your adverts.

We would very much appreciate your feedback as it is very important for us in order to provide information that will enable the subscription box industry to grow.

So if you love subscription boxes as much as we do, please, let us know why!

Thank you for your patience and time.

Hi @kyle.work95, welcome to the forum. Could you please tell us a little more about who is behind the survey and how the results will be used? Thanks!

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Hi @kyle.work95, I’ve closed this thread (and removed the link to the survey) because it toes the line on breaking rule #7 in our community guidelines, which does not allow business promotion. If you would like to DM me with additional details about what this survey is for, who’s behind it, and how the information will be used, we can consider allowing a repost.